Rentabike miselerland


The Moselle is on the ride!

Seen from the bike, the Moselle is even more beautiful!

Seviceable, friendly, economic, ecoligical...

RentaBike miselerland is the new regional bike rental service for children and adults in Miselerland!


Serviceable !

Nothing is easier than rent a bike from RentaBike miselerland:

  1. Go to one of the bike rental stations of Rentabike miselerland
  2. Hand in your data and present a valid ID card ( the rental station RentaBike miselerland will make a copy of this document).
  3. Choose your bike (adult, child or other material)
  4. Sign the rental contract as well as the general rental conditions of RentaBike miselerland
  5. Pay in euros, cash or at certain rental stations with your bank card.
  6. Hand back your material after use at any rental station of RentaBike miselerland. Please check opening hours in advance as they can vary from one rental station to another.
  7. If you are part of a group of more than 6 persons, please reserve your material up to 24 h in advance.


Écologic !

RentaBike miselerland promotes an alternative transportation mide that respects the environment for the wellbeing of us all!


Informations :

(+352) 621 21 78 08